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"No checkout? Oh, that was easy. You guys should have an easy button!"

— Donna R.

As a registered nurse for over 27 years I have worked with many physicians. Our entire family joined this practice and we still are in shock of the care provided by Dr. Kwark and her nurse Kim. You have access to the nurse and physician via phone and e-mail which is incredible .Their response time is even more incredible. Our visits remind me of the care I received as a child in the fact that your doctor has a relationship with you and knows you personally and medically. They spent so much time with each of us without any rush and actually listened. The labs/test /meds are discounted which is awesome for anyone. I rarely write any reviews but had to do this review.We plan to stay with this practice as long as they are open which I hope will be forever.

— Tim H.

"Why can't everything in life be this straightforward and simple?"

— Lunette B.

Nurse: That will be 90cents.

Patient: You just made my day! I never heard of a Rx being 90cents.

— Kim & Jill

Dr. Walsh and Nurse Amy take better care of me than any doctor I have ever seen. The entire Doctor Direct experience is so pleasant and wonderful- I highly recommend to anyone and everyone. There is no runaround, no wasted time, just care when you need it from people who really enjoy and excel at providing that care. The monthly fee is nothing compared to the service you receive. I do not want to go anywhere else!

— Madison H.

Absolutely amazing! I can not be more pleased with the personal care I received at doctor direct. The concept is very progressive. $60.00/month for access to an amazing, professional, friendly, caring (I could go on and on) doctor is only the beginning. These doctors truly want to put the patient first. The lab fees are so reasonable and the meds are very affordable. I could not be happier with my decision to join the family at doctor direct!

— Ben F.

Dr. Walsh, Dr. Kwark and their team (Nurse Amy & Nurse Kim) are just FANTASTIC! I can't say enough good things about all of them. I saw Dr. Kwark and Nurse Kim and they are just amazing! They take the time to listen to all your concerns and address every question/concern you have. Then if you leave, and have other questions you can contact them and they respond - Fantastic! I have never felt so welcomed by any doctor/doctor's office. Their office is beautiful and top notch with the latest technology. Their financial plan for the care that you receive is PHENOMENAL and so AFFORDABLE. I had a PPO comprehensive health insurance plan through the 1990's until two years ago, and it never came close to matching this doctor/patient quality practice. Every practice should look to this team as a model.

— Alann R.

So incredibly impressed by and thankful for this practice! Honesty can't say enough good about it! Rarely a wait time, excellent doctor care, fast communication/response, excellent in every aspect.

— Becky K.

Doctor: We don't accept any insurance.

Patient: That's perfect. I don't even like my insurance; they don't cover anything.

— Dr Amy & Dan

This is how medicine should be practiced. It's a partnership in addition to being a doctor-patient relationship.

— Mark M.

Dr. Walsh and Nurse Amy are absolutely wonderful. Doctor Direct is unbelievably affordable with a common sense approach to healthcare. I highly recommend Doctor Direct. Thank you again for such an awesome experience.

— Christy Z.

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